The Gamatong Team

Gamatong is a led by Kelo Kubu and Ithateng Mokgoro. The duo form a decade-and-a-half old dynamic partnership that has seen them help to bring ground-breaking initiatives to the attention of South Africans. These include the global conference TED, it's offspring TEDx, Singularity University, Mandela Poster Project, and more recently, #HackTheConstitution


Kelo Kubu, Managing Director

Kelo graduated from University of KwaZulu-Natal with a degree in finance and business administration, and a post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration, before training as a banker with FNB. She went on to further her studies and career in Germany, focusing on International Marketing and Management. On her return, she initially focused on development work and then co-founded Gamatong Design in 2003. She maintains active involvement in educational and entrepreneurial initiatives through her participation in Little Bits, Marang Education Trust, and Orange Corners. Formerly with TEDxSoweto, Kelo holds the license for TEDxJohannesburg, is a TED Fellow, and has been a regular attendee at TED events since 2007. Kelo is Senior TEDxAmbassador for Africa, and a Singularity University alum.

Ithateng Mokgoro, Creative Director

Ithateng studied architecture at the Universities of KwaZulu-Natal and Pretoria. In 1996, he pivoted into advertising prior to the end of the degree. His career has since taken him into graphic design, and more recently, speaker coaching and conference curation. He enjoys one of the most varied multi-disciplinary backgrounds in the South African creative industries. He has judged at industry award shows, and his work has been recognised at the Loeries, at the New York Festivals, and at Cannes. Ithateng is a former board member of Think. He maintains a keen interest in the emerging fields of transmedia storytelling and blended learning. Formerly with TEDxSoweto, Ithateng is co-organiser and curator for TEDxJohannesburg, and was an attendee at TED, in Monterey, California.