Could you do a brand plan in 3hrs?

Imagine this scenario for a moment: you are a founder of a startup, or small business (SME). To survive, you have to win the hearts and minds of your audience. To do so, you need to translate your business intent into a compelling promise that inspires multitudes. What you need is a brand plan, not just a logo. You have time, but the clock is ticking. You have cash, but can only burn so much. Freelancers are not enough. Big agencies are too much. What to do?

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The new Gamatong designs for magic

In the past few years Gamatong has been flying low, at two miles an hour, mostly by design.

This has been so because we’ve been attending to more urgent issues. You know, the stuff that grounds us—the big questions: What are we? Where do we come from? How did we get here? Why do we exist?

We asked these questions initially through TEDxSoweto (now run by a different team), and more recently, we continue to do so through our TEDxJohannesburg platform.

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The people shall speak.

Since 2010, through our work on TEDxSoweto and TEDxJohannesburg, we've conceived and produced over 20 memorable events, helping close to 100 speakers prepare their TEDx presentations. At TED@Johannesburg, we had the rare privilege of working directly with the TED team and watching TED curator Chris Anderson take speakers through their paces, often turning dust into gold. This experience has allowed us to see first hand what goes into putting together a killer TEDx Talk, or any other presentation, for that matter. We're happy to announce that we'll be ploughing some of these unique, proprietary learnings back into the TEDx community, and beyond. 

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Be a risk-taker, a doer, a maker of things.

You walk into a place. You have nothing but an idea in your head. You sit at a computer, launch a programme, and start messing around. You click and drag a rectangle into place, add a circle, join to a triangle, punch a hole, and assign material. You change settings with a simple click and—voila! Your design in all its glory pops up in 3D, on screen, right before your eyes. You turn it around and examine it from all angles. You even move the parts to test the joints. Then with a simple click—presto! A fully functional lamp emerges out of a printer. A 3D printer. You take your lamp home, plug it in, switch it on, and it just works. 

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Design Share Party. Everyone's invited.

Last Wednesday saw the fourth episode of the rapidly growing Design Share Party event. Started and run by graphic designer Neo Rakgajane, Design Share Party is a platform for creatives in the Johannesburg area to come together once every month to share and to celebrate their craft. The format is simple—three creatives present their work to an audience of refreshingly eager like-minded types. The focus of the presentations is mostly on process, but the format is flexible enough for presenters to take things anywhere they like, which they inevitable always do.

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